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ADF’s website is very informative. many kudos. it is so informative that i know druidry is not the place for me (at least, not for right now.) i don’t know what the right place is. i only know what it isn’t.

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I don’t have any advice or answers for your questions at the end because I feel I am in the same boat. Your post hits very close to home for me, wondering at the validity of my experiences and being uncomfortable with eclectic practice rather than belonging to a tradition, but then worrying about different issues should I find one…

…not a very useful reblog, just wanted to say that you are not alone, I guess! And good luck to you figuring it all out :)

I’m sort of in a similar situation- I’m not sure how I feel about eclectic practices, but that’s what I’ve been doing, because a variety of beings have come to me, and I don’t yet feel ready to turn any of them away. Right now I’m working mostly with the earth as a deity, because I find that when I turn to earth first, everyone else comes in clearer.

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What’s the Use?


I really hate it when witches talk about which god/dess they are going to use for spellwork or ritual. Could it be possible to be more disrespectful?

One honors a goddess, one prays to a goddess, one speaks to, or listens to, or implores a goddess. One does not USE a goddess.

A goddess is not a catalyst in a spell. She is not a stone, nor an herb, nor words of power. She is power; she is the definition of power and change. One shouldn’t pluck a name out of a book and use it in spellwork, expecting a deity to show up and perform a trick. Read Her myth, understand her motives, honor her with prayer and offering. Revere her.

The gods are a lot like people to me. And I wouldn’t suggest that we *use* people for our own purposes. I prefer to describe my relationships with god/desses as “working with” them- because it emphasizes the autonomy of both parties. We both can choose how we wish to work together. We are both capable of ending the relationship. And neither of us is “using” the other.

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Man I always like learning about different forms of paganism

I’ve just been thinking about how my earthfeels are very western in nature and wondering how eastern pagans view the earth

And it’s occurred to me that while I will probably never work with certain deities because they are from cultures that constantly get appropriated

I do believe in them

And I pay them respect

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Need a bit of help, followers.

When you think king of pentacles, what deities do you think of?

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So I did a tarot reading today, but I’m having a bit of trouble interpreting it, and I kind of want a second opinion. It’s about something really important, and I want to make sure I’m not just making things up.

Anyone with experience with tarot want to help out? :3

Any help is much appreciated!

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It never fails. I try and contact a deity, and a whole bunch more show up.

I was trying to get back into the habit of making offerings to Artemis daily, because she looks out for me more than any other deity. I got a message from her, I think. One word: wait. Patience is going to be important, I think.

But then, as I was doing tarot readings, I found that others were making their presence known- namely the Dagda, who apparently has some things to teach me.

It’s very interesting.

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I love deer. Just saw a bunch running through the woods at my house.

I love deer. Just saw a bunch running through the woods at my house.

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Hello! I'm happy to see another Pagan, Therian and Otherkin blog! You've made my night. <3
willowveil-deactivated20120609 asked


Really, though, I was having a rough night and this really cheered me up!

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It is not entirely surprising, then, that some animal people, upon encountering their animal aspects, erroniously believe that their animals are to blame for their emotional responses. Animals, after all, have a reputation for passionate responses to threats, dangers, or hungers. Animals are seen as wild and free, and believed to do whatever they like, responding to everything by instinct. Having an “animal nature” can offer up a temptingly quick and simple explanation (or excuse) for one’s emotional actions.


I can look back now, of course, and realize that the bear was always there. She and I are one. I simply became more aware of her – and every other part of me – as I became angry. I chose the violent response to the situation, myself. The presence of the bear only meant that I clawed instead of punched and growled instead of yelled. I can easily imagine, then, that other animal people draw similar conclusions.

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Going to be chatting with a couple of goddesses tonight. Brigid, the Morrigan, and Arianrhod all have something to say to me, and some of it might be to do with Midsummer. I just hope I have the courage to bring it up to the grove if I get any distinct feelings about who wants to be involved in the ritual.